Schedule of Events

Beer Garden and Expo

Sat 10am-6pm and Sun 7am-3pm.


Ventura Beach Party Music Saturday, October 21st 10am-6pm

11-12:30pm - Lightnin' Willie

Biggest Little Band On Earth...we enjoyed playing last year will again this year.
Lightnin' Willie and established guitar player/songwriter touring the U.S. and Europe in support of his new 2017 album: NO BLACK NO WHITE JUST BLUES produced by the multi award winning producer Pete Anderson. Looking for exciting Blues/Americana look no further as this band sits so deep in the pocket their audiences cannot not dance. What they don't know about putting on a good show isn't worth knowing.


1- 2:30pm - 3 For Rent 


With an infusion of electro-acoustic arranging and veteran style, 3 For Rent energizes audiences with original flavors that spice up both English and Spanish iconic rock and pop classics. Guaranteed to leave audiences savoring the originality and the sweet familiarity, 3 For Rent promises to ignite the rebel in all of us.

3-4:30pm - SunniePaxson

Voted on of Los Angeles' Best Jazz Performers in Los Angeles Magazine and listed in Jazz Week's as one of the Top 100 Artists for radio spins, contemporary jazz pianist, songwriter, producer, and performer Sunnie Paxson is known for her driving grooves and memorable melodies.



Ventura Beach Party Music Sunday, October 22nd 7am-3pm

8am-9:30am - SonicBoom 

Mix one talented British guitarist named Jo 'Dog' Almeida (Dogs D’Amour) with one eccentric frontman, Paul Mars Black (L.A. Guns, Black Cherry). Add generous dashes of blues, pop, and roots rock and roll and bake until finished. The result? A recipe for success… the band Jo & Paul's Sonic Boom, which will please the tastes of even the most discerning fan. The EP Out of the Blues released in the late 90’s and Sundown Yellow Moon in 2000, were printed in limited editions but received rave reviews from those lucky enough to get their hands on a copy. Wistful lyrics combined with feel good melodies created a vibe that had you singing along, even after the music had ended.

After a break to complete solo projects, the guys recently reconvened to get their groove on again. Tasty new concoctions will be set in concrete in the near future. Meanwhile, fans will be treated to two new singles later this month. Keep your ears open for the release of Tree for Shade and Everybody Rains on My Parade and your eyes peeled for accompanying videos. (Hey these guys are a treat for the eyes as well.)


10am-11:30pm - PaulMars Black

Paul Mars Black is one of those rare musicians whose very life creates and is created by the music in the world around him. Known for legendary shows, whether in front of 50,000 fans on Busan Beach, Korea or 500 people in a nightclub in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he fills the stage with fun, energy and enthusiasm.


12pm-1:30pm - Acoustic Generation

Acoustic Generation is Southern California's Trippy Hippie Classic Rock band. An audio and visual experience with interesting original music and Classic Rock covers by the Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and more.